Friday, April 14, 2023

TCDB Transactions #26 tullyelly, #27 iowaCollector and #28 tenlbpain

Still focusing on completing the 1989 Upper Deck set, these three trades knocked out some chunks of cards towards that set, and a nice chunk of Patriots needs.

TCDB #26 tullyelly
I have a ton of '87 Donruss which is what I mostly used for this trade, seems they're pretty popular on TCDB wantlists.

O'Hoppe is the Angels rookie catcher, tearing it up with 4 HR already. This is the first card I have of him and was the only on available on TCDB. That's why I reached out for the trade.

These would be pretty nice cards without the rainbow number line, and maybe a little bigger team name.

TCDB #27 iowaCollector
Mostly 1990 Upper Deck used for this trade, another one I have a ton of but not interested in accumulating a set's worth.
I've never understood how a pitcher can throw accurately while looking towards first base.
See Lance McCullers.

TCDB #28 tenlbpain
The 30 cards in this trade are probably a max for a PWE. That thing was STUFFED!
Lots of extra 90's Collector's Choice went for this trade.
I would have swore I already had that Moyer, and it turned out I did, in my autograph binder. I'm not including my autographed '89 UD's for this set like I did for the 1991 set.

The Ted Williams checklist is for the Tim Salmon insert set, so I count it as a team card.
Scanned the Triple Play upside down, not about to re-scan it.

It feels a little weird trading for Pats cards during baseball season.

Had to scan this Harry Colon separate because his name is just so awesome.


  1. Nick (tenlbpain) is one of my favorite trade partners on TCDB. He always sends great stuff and often counters with more - or sends extras.

    The O'Hoppe card is a really nice one!

  2. Looks like O'Hoppe is going to be a nice catcher for years to come.