Monday, May 8, 2023

Moving Past 50: TCDB Transactions #51 DukeyDevil, #52 Coleman23, and #53 Carter86


TCDB #51 DukeyDevil
1989 J.J. Nissen Super Stars #1
Distributed with bakery products by J.J. Nissen.
Never heard of them.

1987 Fleer Baseball All Stars Downing, Witt
1987 Action Superstars #32 Joyner
1988 Donruss Baseball's Best #259 Tanana

1989 Donruss Baseball's Best.
Just five more for the team set.

TCDB #52 Coleman23
Down to about 150 cards needed 
for this set.

1991 Fleer Logo Sticker, black & white MLB logo variation.

TCDB #53 Carter86
1993 Score #500
Can't put my finger on it, it's kind of hodge-podge, but I really like this design.

That Salmon in the lower left is a gold signature.

1991 Score Dream Team #5
Love the right side of this card but can't stand the close-up portrait on the left side.


  1. I just discovered those Fleer Baseball All Stars set and can't believe there was a Fleer boxed set from the 1980s I was unaware of.

    Also you're not wrong about the Score Dream Team not working. Which is weird since this kind of 1956 Topps design is usually money. But this one trends more toward Olin Mills territory.

  2. Which 5 ‘89 Donruss Best cards do you need? Pretty sure I might have them?

  3. There is an Angel's tie in in my post tonight.

  4. That Choice gold sig Salmon is (insert fire emoji here)!