Friday, May 5, 2023

SCF Trade, and TCDB Transactions #45 gormanvj, and #46 zwalter1

This is the second time I've gotten cards from BSEBALLCOMMISH75 (POISON75) via SCF and he sends some great stuff.

1993 Pro Line Live Draft - QVC
There are 3 Bledsoe's and 3 other Patriots cards inside this unopened pack/set that I need. Dare I open it and pull out the Patriots? Maybe for a future Junk Wax Wednesday I will.

Two Erstad's I needed. The Diamond Kings looks like it has bad grammar, "DARIN ERSTAD OF ANGELS".

2004 Spectrum Retrospectrum Swatches RS-AK

2003 Fleer Hardball - On The Ball Game Used TG
Seen round cards before but not a round card with memorabilia.

TCDB #45 gormanvj
Pretty fun trade made up mostly of oddballs.
1990 SCD Baseball Card Price Guide Devon White
1991 SCD Baseball Card Price Guide Finley, Winfield
1991 Baseball Cards Magazine Winfield, Parker

1987 Fleer League Leaders Donnie Moore
1990 AGFA Rod Carew
1992 Diet Pepsi Bryan Harvey
1992 Donruss McDonald's Mark Langston

1996 Mothers
Might be easier to just go buy this team set on ebay, but I figured why pass the opportunity to trade for them.

1982 Fleer Fred Lynn
1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Polonia
1988 Donruss All-Stars Mike Witt
1988 O-Pee-Chee Willie Fraser

TCDB #46 zwalter1
Nice and Easy does it every time.


  1. Interesting. Angels didn't get as many Mothers Cookies cards as other west coast teams (depriving us of the Cookie Rojas Mothers Cookies card) and seeing them all in studio portraits is wild compared to the shoots I'm used to for the other teams.

  2. I miss getting cards with my price guides...

  3. That relic Hardball is a first for me too.

  4. Looks like a fun selection of trade returns.

  5. I really like the SCD cards. That Winfield has been in my watchlist for a couple of months, but I've yet to pull the trigger on it.