Thursday, January 11, 2024

Graphic Design At It's Best

 These cards from Bob Obert are perfect examples of why I love Special Offer, Sweepstakes, etc. cards so much:

Look at those.
Better looking than most baseball cards I've seen.
And the backs are pretty awesome too.

TCDB SJensen

Set needs. This is turning out to be one of those sets that you never seem to get close to finishing even when you pull in more cards for it.

And Scott threw in this 1973 OPC I needed as an extra bonus!

TCDB Jaysredlegs

I ripped a lot of 1992 Upper Deck Minors back in the day, and those Player of the Year cards were a tough pull. Thank goodness for TCDB now that I can trade for them.

TCDB RonEaston

PC guys, all on "other" teams.

Anyone remember the "Griffey Box" that was going around years ago? Was that The Junior Junkie that started that? It came to me and I remember pulling some Griffey checklists out (and replacing with other Griffey's). This one wasn't in the box at the time.


  1. Scott Jensen is in OBC - generous guy, no surprise he threw in such a nice card.

    Those are some particularly nice header cards, better than most. That Kmart card - 3 cards a visit for a 726 card set means you can complete the set in just 242 visits with perfect collation.

  2. I am looking for a Garret Anderson Player of the Year insert - I didn't realize they were harder to find.

  3. The first four cards are probably better looking than any card that's been produced over the last couple of decades.