Saturday, January 6, 2024

Wow That's An Awful Card

Justin Upton is a handsome dude don't get me wrong, this card however is awful. I had to recount the number of his fingers because it kept looking like more than five. Is that a batting helmet he's tossing in the air or is he using the Force to hold it up? And why? What is the point of the solid black background?
It's just dumb if you ask me.

TCDB Akenyon1

Along with the dumb Topps Gallery card I needed, I received these:
Working on this OPC set. Odd that I needed so many Blue Jays.

BRAG from NightOwl

I'm trying to temper my expectations of Logan O'Hoppe this coming season, but man am I excited to see what he can do. The Taylor Ward is a really nice low-numbered 02/50, perhaps now the lowest numbered card in my collection. Nice to have that Ryan Third No-Hitter commemorative card. I've mentioned in the past that my dad was at that game, and I have the ticket stub.

Dime Boxes 12th Anniversary Giveaway

Nick celebrates a blog anniversary and we're the ones that get the gifts!
I was able to pick out some great cards for the collection thanks to his generosity.
The Ryans are especially awesome, but I was mostly excited about the Bob Boone YooHoo.

TCDB borosny

Bo recently ripped a bunch of Long John Silver's cello packs he was given and was able to spare the six remaining header cards I needed.


I think it's been a while since I've gotten cards for 2008 Timeline. Kinda forgot I was collecting the set.



  1. You traded for Junk. womp womp. :p

    A lot of nice cards here, particularly the Ohtani and Ward. I like the Reggie Jackson Team Heroes too. Always cool to see him on teams other than the A's and Yanks.

    That J-Up card is odd for sure. Gallery used to have nice looking cards but lately it's been a swing and a miss.

  2. Gracious, the Upton card is alarming. ... I don't pull cards with such a low number very often, I was surprised.

  3. I didn't notice until I was packing up the cards for you, each of the LJS header cards has a different autograph on the baseball.

  4. One of my students was telling me hands (and noses) are the hardest things to draw for her. And that 89UD Dempsey card is cool. Looks like the umpire is ready... but Rick forgot his mask.

  5. Yeah, that Upton is pretty bad. And what's worse, someone actually got paid to produce that "art".