Monday, July 18, 2011

The Angels go Off The Wall

Shane threw me an awesome package of Angels cards in exchange for (if I remember correctly) some older Topps Angels and some cards for his Topps Project. Shane runs the sweet blog OFF THE WALL.

Shane sent me the following cards as well as a bunch more that filled lots of needs in my Angels team sets.

This sweet 2011 Topps Jered Weaver Patch card. Easily the thickest card in my collection.

An Angels relic card, this a 2008 Topps Vladdy Jersey.

Two Ben Molina signed cards, signed by Benji Molina. Hmmm suspicious.

I'm collecting an autographed set of 1983 Topps. Shane sent this Jim Rice to add to the collection.

Well, it wouldn't grade very high due to the uneven cut (always an issue with this type of card), but I'm very glad to have this 1986 Topps box-bottom card, numbered I. This came off the bottom panel that also included J Don Mattingly, K Oddibe McDowell, and L Willie McGee.

Score! Another new addition to my Wally Joyner collection, this 1988 Jiffy Pop disc is a perfect fit to those oddball cards that are hard to find.

A nice selection of Angels box-set cards: Topps, Woolworth, Drakes. And a bunch of 80's Angels stickers.

Another nice selection of Topps Fan Favorites and Topps Archives. I'll have to find a Fan Favorites checklist because I've been getting a bunch of them through trades.

Rounding out the post are a pair of cards each from 1988 and 1989 Sportflics which I never really appreciated until I started my team collection. Now I dig them.


  1. Interesting Bengie Molina autographs cards - looks like they were ones signed when he was first called up - I have a Molina autograph that looks like those early ones.

  2. Glad you liked the cards!!!! The Molina's were obtained during ST of 2000 or during that season. I one from Joe Nathan (with the Giants) around the same time and looks nothing like his recent signatures. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for any more Angels that I come across!!