Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Joy of Vacation, Part 4

Baseball cards.

I always like to look for discounted cards when I go on vacation, or on a business trip. Helps me to pass the time and it's still fun ripping packs. Sometimes I find steals, sometimes not.

This trip I was only looking for 2008 UD Timeline for the set I'm building. I was pretty much only looking at Dollar Tree for single dollar packs, or at Walmart for $11.98 blasters. My area in Texas has been depleted.

I checked the stores where we were in Northern Cal to no avail. And when we got down to Southern Cal I looked there too. It wasn't until the next to the last day we were there that I hit up the local Walmart.

There I found several blasters so I quickly grabbed two. A bit much more than I like to spend at one time for cards, but I tried to justify by the fact that it's been hard finding these. I almost put one back when I was in line at the checkout. Glad I didn't as you'll see below.

I opened one box in my old room upstairs at my parents house. I was just too excited. And I resolved that I'd save the second box for when I got back to Texas.

The guaranteed memorabilia card was this Troy Glaus bat card TM-GT. Nice card, I like Troy Glaus, wish he were in an Angels uniform but the red is close enough to make me happy.

Tearing through all ten packs resulted in nothing really out of the ordinary. Got these 2 gold cards, one of which I already have. I hate that. Golds are hard enough to come by, so when you get a dupe when you only have 3 other gold cards, that really bites.

Heres the rundown on the rest of the box:
10 packs yielded 58 cards.
I needed only 16 of those for my set - not good.
36 base
5 1992 Minor League
5 1994 All-Time Heroes
3 1995 SP Top Prospects
5 2004 Timeless Teams
2 gold base
1 Yankee Stadium Legacy
1 memorabilia

Now on to Box 2. Get ready. Are you sitting down?

I'll just cut to the chase. Out of 10 packs here's how many relics I got including the guaranteed one:

I kid you not.

8 packs had a relic. Is this some kind of production mistake? Do blasters like this really exist?

As I pulled a pack out I'd notice it was rigid and I'd think surely this can't be. It kept on going and going. Just incredible. And on top of that the breakout was really good too:
10 packs yielded 44 cards.
I needed 24 of those for my set - that's better
15 base
9 1992 Minor League
1 1994 All-Time Heroes
1 1995 SP Top Prospects
9 2004 Timeless Teams
1 1993 SP Rookie
8 memorabilia

So I'm left thinking. What if I had not bought one of those boxes? Which would I have gotten? The world may never know.

Oh, my want and trade list for Timeline is updated.


  1. I wish I could run into a mutant blaster like that one day! Congrats!

  2. Wow, I mean wow! I couldn't find your Timeline want list. I have a few extras myself so perhaps we can help each other out?

  3. Wow, that's insane. Congrats! If the Beltre is available, I'm interested. I think you pulled an Utley relic a while back too. I'm interested in that as well, if I'm not imagining you having that card.