Friday, July 15, 2011

The Joy of Vacation, Part 3


The Northern California part of the vacation allowed me ample time to sit around and read. It was especially nice to sit around the pool and periodically look up from reading to make sure the kids were all fine.

I was able to finish The Light and The Glory, Book 1 of God's Plan for America by Peter Marshall and David Manuel

I needed a new book. This gave me a chance to hit up a local used book store.

Jerry Cloutier's is one of those off Main Street, hole-in-the-wall, dark and musty, books stacked to the ceiling, rows so narrow you have to physically touch someone to get by them, book stores. Perfect.

I selected 2 books.

The Dodgers Move West takes up the stance that Walter O'Malley was only one piece in the decision to move the Dodgers West, and that with the decision O'Malley had grave reservations. It focuses on the power of New York and Los Angeles and their struggle to flex their political muscle.

I had read about a third of the book before my plane landed at DFW and so far, it's a really good read. You Dodger history buffs would enjoy it.

Day of Infamy is another classic to add to my Pacific War collection. I already read At Dawn We Slept by Gordon H. Prange; In Harms Way by Doug Stanton; and Blind Mans Bluff by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew. I also have but haven't read Infamy by John Toland, and Midway by Prange.

Treasures are always to be found at old used bookstores.

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