Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Joy of Vacation, Part 1

Going to an Angels game.

The 5 parts to The Joy of Vacation are all those benefits of vacation in addition to the joy of visiting and spending time with family and friends. That, of course, is the best part.

Hitting an Angels game on this trip was not part of the plan, in fact I wasn't even sure that I would be in Southern California. But I was able to extend my vac and we made the 8 hour drive down to my side of the family.

Whenever I go back to visit family my brother will invite me to an Angels game. He didn't let me down, so I prepped by getting caught up on the last several Orange County Register sports pages.

After that I headed over to a nearby Ralphs and picked up a bag of Angels peanuts. The game just wouldn't be the same without a bag of Angels peanuts.

This game was a day game starting at 12:30.

I don't know why, but everytime I get back to California and go to an Angels game, I'm compelled to take pictures of the stadium. I've been there a million times, and I've taken a million pictures. But click away I always do.

We walked around the inside of the stadium and ran across the broadcast booth in center field where Tim Salmon (and who is that Terry Smith?) were goofing of due to the heat.

Went by an Angels Team Store, put my 51 cents in the slots, cranked the handle, and my penny is now a sweet little Angels goodie.

The view from our seats. Shade. Nice.

It was a small crowd, probably due to the heat and it being a 12:30 game. The announced crowd was 30K plus, but that was paid admission. No way that many were there. I'd say less than 10k were actually there.

Like I mentioned, I wasn't planning on a game this trip so I didn't bring my score book. I like to score every game I go to. So I bought a program and scored the insert. I like the new program format. More like an ESPN the Magazine size. Had to have an official Angels pen from an official Angels souveneir stand.

That's my brother and me. We like the Angels.


  1. The guy with Tim Salmon is Bill MacDonald - nice to read about you getting out to an Angels home game.

  2. Ironically I'm probably somewhere in that picture on my way to the Tom Satriano signing.