Monday, February 27, 2012

CAL and LAA From SMG

Just about the full spectrum of Angels cards were sent to me from The Sewing Machine Guy.  Nice cards.  Nice Angels cards.

First up, The Vintage.

I love that 1967 Topps Fregosi. I love all Jim Fregosi cards. I especially like team cards too. Often times the photos are so small that you can't see the individual players faces, but they are one of the few cards that I actually like in the landscape format. The design and colors on the 1972 team card make me nauseous, but that's the best part of the 72 set.

Next we head into the SPs and shinies. 

That 2011 Topps Heritage Torii Hunter is an SP.  And just look at that Diamond Anniversary Mike Napoli! Mikey sparkles without the Diamond Anniversary. And lots of pretty numbered Angels chrome: Garret 0116/1958, Vladdy 1653/1959, and Johan 0222/1960.


I never get tired of Angels refractors. I especially like the 2009 Heritage Joe Saunders #407/560. The Troy Glaus is from the 2003 Bowman Chrome set. I didn't realize refractors went back that far. Just when did refractors first show up? The Kelvin Escobar is pretty nifty too in blue.

Thanks much Sewing Machine Guy for some really nice Angels cards.

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