Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cardboard Don Done Sent Me Angels

And it was a package stuffed with all sorts of Angels goodness. The deeper I went into cards the more surprised and excited I got.

Here's just the icing on the cake:

I love the design on this 1994 Score Select Jim Edmonds rookie card. This card was not already in my collection. But the more I looked at it the more something told me that it's not a picture of Jim Edmonds on the front. My 2010 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards says it's Jim Edmonds. Ebay says it's Jim Edmonds.

So I did some more research, and guess what? Jim Edmonds is left handed. Bats left handed, throws left handed. This is not a picture of Jim Edmonds.
So who is it? Dunno.

Look at this beautiful Diamond Sparkly Peter Bourjos card. Do you see what I see? Do you see something in his back pocket? I don't think he just dropped a load diving for that ball, so what would an outfielder have in his back pocket? Not an extra ball, that would be against the rules. What could it be? Again, I dunno.

A duo of Tim Salmon. Tim facing off to Tim. Tim hits a bomb and watches it leave Yankee Stadium. Tim hits a bomb and watches it leave Fenway.

A 2011 Topps Mark Trumbo Chrome Awesome Rookie Card. Nothing more needs to be said. I need to catch my breath.

Check it out. This is Don Baylor. Not only that it's an Xograph 1981 Visual Panographics, Inc. Series of 65 - No. 15 3-d Super Stars.

In other words, a bitchen 1981 Kellogg's.

I never had a problem with Brandon Wood. I always liked Brandon Wood and really, really wanted it to finally click for him with the Angels. I still want that for him now with the Pirates. I have several Brandon Wood autographs in my Angels collection. I dig me some Brandon Wood. So I went ape-shit when I saw this in the pile. This my friends is a 2006 Just Limited Gold Edition Brandon Wood Autograph, sealed and numbered 9/50. And look! Somebody wanted 40 bucks for this at one time.

This just might be the holy grail of Brandon Wood cards.

Can you believe this Ortega, Wicked Don guy? Look at that card! It's numbered 68/99! It's Howard Kendrick! It has a simulated manufactured bat barrel. IT"S AWESOME!!

Wow Cardboard Don, I never expected anything like this. And like I said, these were just the icing on the cake. Thanks, Man.

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