Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Completed Team Set - 1987 Classic Travel Update Yellow

Completed because I won the complete 50 card set cheap on Listia and I pulled out the Angels.

The Angels have four cards in this update set:
#108 Wally Joyner
#119 Mark McLemore
#134 Gary Pettis
#140 Devon White

The Joyner and White cards are rookie cards, however these wouldn't be considered "true" rookies.

There are a few other non-true rookie cards in the set like these:

Others included Bo Jackson, Matt Nokes, Pete Incaviglia, BJ Surhoff, and Rubin Sierra.

About a third of the 150,000 sets produced had a back incorrectly colored green instead of yellow.

Some of the green backs, graded high (especially the Bonds) fetch a pretty penny.

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