Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weaver No No

Jered Weaver threw a 121 pitch, 9 strikeout no-hitter last night against the Minnesota Twins.

Only two Twins reached base:

Top 2nd: Minnesota
- J. Willingham struck out swinging
- R. Doumit struck out looking
- C. Parmelee struck out, reached on passed ball
- T. Plouffe fouled out to third

Top 7th: Minnesota
- A. Casilla struck out looking
- J. Mauer flied out to center
- J. Willingham walked
- R. Doumit popped out to shallow center

10th no-hitter in Angels history.

UPDATE:  And my BROTHER was there!  That Dog.  Went to see if Pujols would hit his first home run.

My Dad was at Nolan Ryans 3rd no-hitter in 1974.  I think I'm due.

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