Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sparkle-Tastic Part 1

Night Owl supplied with probably the most spectacularly sparkly and colorful package ever.

I like sparkly colorful cards but sometimes it can be too overwhelming.  Take this Tim Salmon card for example:

1996 TSC Power Packed PP9

Yikes!  Is that a giant lite-brite about to swallow Tim up?
I like the card but it borders on a bit too much.
My eyes immediately spazz out on the background lights.

I'm not big on chrome, but refractors are another story.
And then add an orange or purple border and SHAZAAM!

Give this Xfractor a color border and you got me hooked.
Conger makes the card in all versions.

Not full of sparkle but most definitely full of color.
Another great looking card.

Foil is nice.
I prefer foil over chrome actually, even though on this card it kinda washes out the picture.

Owl checked my wantlist and threw in these cards I needed for the 2008 UDX set.
The foil on the Xponential is well done, not too much.
And the gold on the diecut overlaying the greyed out background gives this Jason Bay card some pop.


  1. I love that Salmon card. It was a tough one to give up.

  2. I loved those old school TSC inserts...even if a card like that Salmon gives me a headache!