Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sports Card Shopping At The Sports Card Shop

Spent about 3 hours at my local card shop the other day.  It really is therapy for me to spend time thumbing through boxes of miscellaneous cards.  These are the boxes of cards that the dealers dont have out but keep underneath their tables.  Stuff they haven't even really gone through yet.  It works well for me to get lost for a few hours in them, forget about my troubles.

I came across a batch of Topps All-Star cards.

The cards in the second batch are actually normal sized cards but when I cropped the picture it shrunk them.
I pick these up whenever I come across them, slowly building up the sets.

I also came across two old 1993 Sports Cards magazines with the card sheets still intact.

This sheet has a Jim Abbott I didn't already have.  The sheet was miscut on the left side, good thing Abbott was in the middle.

Tim Salmon rookie, a JT Snow, and a John Olerud.  Add to that a nice Mike Piazza and this is a really sweet sheet. (say that 5 times fast).

Rarely do I ever cut full sheets apart.

In one of the magazines was this advertisement for 1993 Studio cards.  I cut it out and put it in my Angels binder because if you look closely you can see JT Snows card there on the right.  I don't have this card either, so I'll have to look around for it now.

There was 1989 Upper Deck autographed by Randy Velarde in a box of other junk.
I think this is legit, but it may be an older autograph as compared to those found on sportscollectors.  It appears he changed his signature a bit when he started adding a cross inside the V in Velarde.
There were a handful of autographs like this one on ebay.
Randy played for the Angels from 1996 - 1999.

This 2007 Topps Vladdy All-Star insert card caught my eye.
I really dig the design and the colors.

Found a Jim Abbott I didn't have yet.

Grabbed this slightly mangled 1971 Al Hrabosky rookie.
Hopefully he's still a good TTM signer and I'll get this in the mail to him.
Check Bill Stinsons pink airbrushed cap.
I'm sure he was really pleased about that.

I wasn't sure if I had this card already.  I did.  
I'm usually pretty good at knowing what I already have.  Of the 35 or so cards I bought about 8 turned out to be dupes.  Not bad for a stack of cheap cards.

I passed this one up the first time thinking it wasn't a real card but something told me to go back. It was then I realized it was indeed a real card.
It's an Upper Deck Collectors Choice Draw Your Own Card drawn by Zachary Johnson of Madison, WI.
Nice work on Troy Glaus Zack!

Not sure why I grabbed this 1977 Topps Cloth Sticker of John Montefusco.
Maybe because I dont have any 1977 Topps Cloth Stickers.
This will probably be available for trade.

This one I need help with.
Can anyone ID this card for me?
The front is a 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie of Michael Jordan, but the back is Jordan in a Bulls uniform.
You can see there's no date or manufacturer on it.
Apparently it's a 1991 Fun City card?
What's that?


  1. Nice variety of purchases. What shop do you go to?

    1. The only one around here, Duanes Sports Cards in Arlington, TX.

  2. The last couple of cards are unlicensed, what they used to call "Broders" for some reason. They're not authorized by any league and used to sell for a buck or two back in the day.

    Here, they explain it better

  3. I don't really remember anything specific but I'm sure I must have cut up the baseball card sheet / insert from Baseball Cards / Sportscards Magazine at least a few times.

    I also do remember buying that '1986 Donruss' Jordan for a dollar or two [I think along with a Bo Jackson made to look like a minor league card] from a random card shop over 20 years ago.

  4. Awesome purchases.

    A. I'm a huge fan of older sports card magazines... especially the ones with sheets of cards.

    B. The 1977 Topps Cloth set is one of my favorite oddball issues.

    C. Love the Jordan Broders! Most collectors don't appreciate these, because they aren't licensed. But I remember these floating around card shows when I was a kid and thinking... These are rad!