Monday, March 25, 2013

Stickers Count Too

Stickers count in my Angels collection.  Some team collectors only collect the cards, but I do it all.  Anything (just about) with an Angels logo on it.

I saw these Angels stickers on Listia and I wanted them.
The lot also came with a Dodgers sheet that I sent to Nomo.

1996 MLB Pro Stamps Angels sheet.

I know my Angels so without looking at the names that's Gary DiSarcina, Tim Salmon,
JT Snow, Garret Anderson, and Charles Chili Davis.
There's a sweet team logo sticker too.

Sweet, a new Salmon to check off.

What's the back look like?

DiSar, Salmon, Snow, Brian An....

Wait, wha??

Turn the sheet back over...

I'm seeing Garret but I'm reading Brian.  Brian is a pitcher, Garret is a hitter.

A quick ebay search doesn't mention an error version, but does show the same Garret Anderson photo misidentified  as Brian Anderson on the 1996 Chris Martin Pro Magnets Garret Anderson #053.

Bad research really chaps my hide.


  1. I have the Indian set.
    Checklist says Albert Belle.
    Stamp is Albert Belle.
    Stamp says David Belle !!