Friday, April 19, 2013

Done With This One, Now On To That One

Just finished reading this book:

I really like Daniel Okrents writing.
Although at times his sentences are rather long and confusing, he packs a lot of information in.
He documents a single game between the Brewers and the Orioles in 1982 but then fills in the blanks with all kinds of historical background so that you really get a good visual of the characters and the surrounding circumstances.

I took this book to Spring Training with the vision of reading it while laying in the sun out on the grassy berm while taking in a ballgame or two.  Nope.
Instead I did the next best thing...scoring the games I went to.
That put me a week behind in my reading but eventually I got the book done.

Now it's on the this one:

Denny McLain, fascinating character.
He was talked about at length in a previous book I read Kiss It Goodbye, and that got me interested in finding out what Denny had to say about himself.
From the jacket, the book is "..typical in it's portrayal of a star destroyed by success, but atypical in that the star had a sense of humor and a lack of self-pity."

Hmmmm.  We shall see.

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