Friday, February 7, 2014

Fantastic Catch of Angels and Set Cards

Just a sampling of goodies.

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #1642
Yes, number one thousand six hundred forty two.
Is anybody in their right mind trying to collect this 2,500 card set?
This is my only Angels card from this behemoth.
I know that cards 1641-1645 are of the "Anaheim Angels" but
I couldn't find a team set checklist to verify if these would be the only Angels cards in the set or not.
And I'm not about to scroll down the whole checklist on baseballcardpedia to try to guess.
So I just added those other 4 to my wantlist.

2012 Gypsy Queen Mini #74 Straight Cut

Oh yes, a few more set cards.

Choice was signed by the Rangers, so I'm looking forward to seeing him at The Globe this year.
Maybe even getting his autograph.


  1. here's a team checklist for 09 UD Anniversary ( You don't want to collect these. Upper Deck repeats the photos just like they did with the 08 Documentary set.

  2. 511-515 are edmonds plus his printing plates per #, plus the 1989 buybacks, all 30 of them for the Angels.