Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Found At The Local Junk Mall - The Box

The sign outside says "Antique Mall" but I don't think there actually are any antiques inside. I suppose though it depends on your definition of "antique".  To me it's just a bunch of stuff, or junk really.  Occasionally though I can find a treasure, hence the old saying "Ones Mans Junk..."

I came across a small endcap booth that had some sportscards.  Well, I didn't actually come across it, I knew it was there as it's been there for a while, and it is most often my main mission whenever I visit this junk mall.  Rarely is there anything of value at this endcap but you never know.  Today the dealer had several boxes of miscellaneous mixed sports cards, yellow tagged.

This the box I ended up with.
I think this is like an 800-1000 count box and man it was stuffed.
It's about 16 inches long.
You can see that there are even cards crammed in on the side.
Fortunately I was able to peek inside to see which boxes contained mostly baseball, and the biggest box turned out as such.

Normal asking price was $14.77 but it was marked down to....get this...
3 bucks!

Heck there's probably a lot of crap in there I can't use, like 99% of of it, but it's worth the 3 bucks just to dig through it.  The anticipation of scoring one good card is worth the 3 bucks in pocket change I had on me.

Here is my sales receipt for you nay-sayers out there.
See the "Sale 3-" crazy huh?

Later this week I'll tell you about the "Bag Cards" for 2 bucks...even better!

After sorting the sports together these are the non-baseball ones.  
Maybe about a fifth of the cards in the box were other sports, most of those being basketball.
The vintage of the contents ranged from the mid-to-late 90's till early 2000's and included a nice stack of 1991 Leaf Baseball and 91-92 Upper Deck Basketball.

I was surprised to pull this really good sized stack of Angels out of the box.
Seems there were more Angels than any other team, although there are a bunch of dupes in here.
But even so, I think this box was meant to be, as far as the Angels cards are concerned.

Here's just a few of other cards that interested me:

2002 Upper Deck Authentics John Olerud.

1995 Upper Deck SP #142 and 1995 Topps Cyber Stats #042 Jim Abbott.

1995 Upper Deck SP #159 for the Wally Joyner Collection.

And this interesting odd-ball.
Tony Gwynn on the front and Pudge on the back.
It's got perforated edges on two sides and no date.
There were 3 in the box so I figured a Gwynn or Pudge fan might be interested.

I'll keep whatever Angels I need, and those above except for the Gwynn/Pudge but everything else goes back in the box for giveaway.
I had my 3 bucks worth of excitement, someone else's turn.
The box is available for shipping costs if anyone wants it.


  1. That looks like it was a blast to go through

  2. I think I will take you up on your offer just to look through the basketball. How much for the shipping?

  3. Sometimes it's like you found an undisturbed Egyptian tomb and you are the first to muddle through the artifacts. I love pick-ups like this. I'm always on the look out for stuff like this at garage sales. Sure it'll probably be 90's junk wax, but it's just so interesting to see what people collected. I especially like finding old binders full of random cards, because you know those were the special ones. Like latter day cardboard archeologists,,,rambling,,,sorry..great post

    1. "...undisturbed Egyptian tomb..." great way to put it!

  4. All end caps must feature boxes of baseball cards.

  5. When I lived in Georgia I'd try to swing by my local "antique" malls once a month or so to look for baseball stuff. I found a few other things in them too. It was a great way to walk around and kill a little time, and because it was slim pickings, it wasn't too hard on my wallet.

    I could use one of the Gwynn-Pudge cards!

    1. I'll get you one. The other two will stay with the box claimed by Quarry.

  6. Very cool find. We have a few of those around here but it seems like they are always too expensive and sit there for a long time.


  7. I'll take one of those Pudges if you still have one.

  8. I love going through stuff like that. Three bucks well spent.

  9. $3? Great find (especially the oddball Gwynn).