Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pete Ladd and Chuck Porter SASE TTMs PDQ

1984 and 1986 Topps.
12 days from his home in Maine.
When asked if he was known for anything in particular, his response was,
"My big feet!"

Another '84 and '86 combo came back from Chuck Porter.
These came back in 17 days from his home in Maryland.

I'm not collecting Brewers autogrpahs in case you were wondering.
This is just a coincidence.
I've been collecting the 1983 Topps set with autographs, and the 1984 set as well but as a side project.
I recently put the '84 set into a binder and finally started finishing it off.  I noticed that some of the better TTMers had signed their '83 card but not the '84.  Probably because I'm also doing a signed set of 1991 Upper Deck, so I would typically send an '83 Topps with a '91 Upper Deck.  Given that, I decided to send a bunch of '84s out for autographs.

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