Thursday, January 1, 2015

Done Reading, Now Reading

Last month I finished reading All The Factors Of Victory by Thomas Wildenberg.
The book followed the life of Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves considered the father of carrier aviation and tactics.  Interesting man, especially in that he lived until 1948 and was able to see the impact his command had in the US victory in WWII.

All The Factors Of Victory bookmark.
I always use a baseball card as a bookmark.
I'll just grab a random card out of my miscellaneous box.

I then thought I would give an auto-biography another try, and thought that Pappy Boyingtons should be engrossing.  Normally I have a hard time reading auto-biographys as they are usually not as well written and I just feel like I'm not getting all the facts.  Well, I got a couple chapters in, and again I couldn't take any more.
I'll have to find a good biography about Boyington.

Baa Baa Black Sheet bookmark

So now I'm reading about the Cold War and the impact that these two political figures had on it.
So far a really good read, with lots of new information I was unaware of about the end of WWII and the volatile land grab in Europe between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The Hawk And The Dove bookmark

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