Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thumbing Through The Stacks

The guy at the card shop knows that I like the random boxes of junk that come in, he keeps them underneath his display tables.  He also likes to point out the boxes of new cards that he's put up on the shelves so that I can pull Angels and other stuff that I like.  As soon as I entered the shop he quickly pointed out a couple boxes of 2014 Panini Classics.  He wanted me to see these because he knows I get autographs and wanted me to know that these would be great for getting autographs on.

Oh my.  A really nice Panini design for a change.
And yes this design is perfect for autographs.

These designs however are typical of Panini and the main reason I hate Panini so much.
Stupidly cropped, players facing away from the camera, wild confusing backgrounds, too much happening at once on a little card.
Gotta have the Angels though.

Ok that's a nice design too.
Sigh of relief.

I was able to pick up the whole 1987 Topps Patriots team set, and the 1000 Yard Club insert.
Pretty awesome when you can go through a box in one sitting and pull a whole team set.

Came across a random John Olerud, 
Can't believe I didn't have such a common Olerud card already.

There were two boxes of Drew Bledose cards, all in penny sleeves and top-loaders.
Yes, here in Dallas Fort Worth there are two boxes dedicated to Drew Bledsoe.
I know he played for the Cowboys for two seasons, maybe that's why.
Although I've never heard any of the locals speak too fondly about his Cowboys days.
Anyhow, I was able to pick out a bunch of nice rookies.

Grabbed a couple Action Packed as well.
I love Action Packed cards.
I think Drew got frozen in a carbonite freezing chamber.

About a month after getting my 1983 Fleer cards organized, and putting a call out for help finishing it, I nabbed the last card I needed to complete the set.
Found it in the Rod Carew box.
Dion saw my initial post about the set last month and quickly jumped on it sending me 74 of the last 75 cards I needed.
He couldn't find his Carew however, but I know if he had it he would have sent it too.

And of course as I'm going through boxes I'm pulling checklist cards.
At the bottom there you can see the checklist set for 1987 Topps Football.
Grabbed them as I as pulling the Patriots out.

I'm rethinking my initial post about collecting checklist cards however.
Collecting all sports checklists my be too overwhelming, I may have to cut that back to just baseball.


  1. Carbonite Bledsoe successfully seduced me.

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