Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Jim Abbott Wallet Card

This has been my wallet card for at least the last 10 years, if not 15.  I can't remember what card I had before that, may have been another Abbott, but I know I had to replace it when my wallet got soaked.
I've kept a card in my wallet for as long as I've had a wallet.

I remember it came up at a husband/wife wedding shower once and I won a prize for having a card in my wallet.

I use a money-clip type wallet so the Abbott stays folded in half, usually with a secret $5 or $10 folded inside of it.  Right now however I'm short of secret cash.

The Wallet Card Game that Baseball Card Countdown is hosting is a genius idea.
I'm not going to participate, but I'll sure enjoy seeing where your wallet cards end up.

My Jim Abbott will probably not see the light of day this year!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Abbott. That card should be the secret cash itself. That is absolute junk wax wallet gold right there!

  2. Nice! That's a card with character.