Monday, February 9, 2015

A Sampling Of Dollar Store Cards

1987 Topps KMart
The KMart box sets seem to be everywhere and readily available for next to nothing.
So how is it I've managed to miss this beautiful Nolan Ryan card for my collection?

1980 Topps 
Patriot Great and first favorite quarterback, this was one of a stack of Patriots cards in the package.

Hockey checklists and then some.
Since I've received these I've had minor second thought on my Checklist collection.
I decided to concentrate on baseball checklist only.
Collecting all sports will be too overwhelming and I didn't want to burn out on this collection.
These are sweet looking cards though.

2014 Prestige
Oh yeah! Jimmy "The Next Tom Brady" Garoppolo.
No pressure though.

1996 Pinnacle Zenith
And another Patriot Great.
Hey Drew, it was YOUR jersey I was wearing when I watched the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year.  I'll never wash it now.

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