Monday, February 2, 2015

Cards From A Cracked Bat

A Cracked Bat Trade Post

Seems everyone has been trading with A Cracked Bat lately, which is a very good thing.  Julie must have quite a large stock of cards as it looks like she's been able to accommodate just about every bloggers wants and needs.  Mine included.  If you haven't traded with her yet I'm sure she'd be happy to.  Here's a sampling of what I received.

1994 Fleer Ultra Rising Stars #11
Always nice to check off a card from the Tim Salmon list.
Especially nice when it's one of his older cards from 1993-1994 his first couple years in.

2008 Allen & Ginter's #20
Three things I love about this card:
1. Vladdy looks like he's about to run right off the card (and he didn't run very fast).
2. His head looks too small for his body.
3.  I think his fly is down.

2013 Topps Triple Threads #73
All around sweet card, even if it is of C.J. Wilson.
The guy just frustrates me so.

2001 Fleer Premium #200
The good thing is it's an Angels card I needed.
The bad thing is it's Jose Canseco in a Yankees uniform on an Angels card I needed.
AND, you realize of course, that other than a few during Spring Training, he never played for the Angels in a regular season game.

2014 Bowman
These three cards are a welcome sight because I'm starting to get organized for my Spring Training mailing and I didn't have many minor leaguer cards to send out.
I hope these three got the invite.

2014 Topps Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relic UJR-HK 02/36
Oh my.
That's pretty.
I'm sorry the Angels felt they needed to part ways with Howie Kendrick.
I think this will prove to be a mistake.
But now I'll always have a piece of Howie in my collection.

All great cards from A Cracked Bat.

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  1. Thanks for the great trade! I came across more Angels, starting a new stack for you. BTW, I enjoyed the stack you sent and will share it around soon!