Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'm Unworthy of JBF's Junk

Seems I've received at least three packages in the last few months from Jaybarkerfan without the time to send anything in return.  He's been hitting me fast and furious with what seems to be an unlimited abundance of Angels stuff.  Here are just a few from the latest package.

1992 Topps McDonalds Baseballs Best #20
An odd set I was unaware of.
Apparently they were sold only at McDonalds in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
and came in 5-card packs.

1994 Topps Gold #760
Almost overlooked the gold stamped "ToppsGold" on this one.
Takes a keen eye to spot it.

1979, 1980 Topps Team Checklist cards.
Came with several other team checklist cards.

1981 Donruss #572
One of a bunch of older wax included.
Big old plug of chaw was the first thing I noticed on this card.
Then I was blown away by the abundance of green.

One of a stack of logo stickers.
I can picture Dale Murphy in his light blue Braves uniform.

2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber #14 28/100
What is that background?
I don't think it's leather OR lumber.
Or is it chipped paint on lumber?

1986 Topps Woolworth #6
Another oddball set I'm not familiar with.
Nowhere on the card is the Woolworth name, had to use my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards to figure this one out.

2009 A&G  AGR-JW
Jared spinning around to see his fastball go yard.

2005 Topps All-Star Stitches #ASR-BC
If the jersey swatch is from the All-Star uniform, doesn't it make sense to show a picture of the player in his All-Star uniform?

Thanks for always thinking of me!

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  1. JBF used to send me Braves still fairly often too. So much that I still haven't gotten it all cataloged yet! Love those oddball sets.