Friday, February 19, 2016

Jaybarkerfan #supertraders Installment

Got my first Super Traders package the other day from Wes. 
I had seen that I was one of like 35 zip codes he was sending to.

There were all kinds of goodies in the package.
Here's the highlights.

Signed Super Traders Calling Card.

2013 Topps Museum Collection #72, Teal 29/50 and base
I dont get in on many breaks, but so I was very happy to get in on this one and happy to get a hit.
Sweet card.

2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts DA-GA
And another hit!
I love Garret Anderson.

1987 Fleer Star Stickers #127
Oh yeah, a gem of a miscut, ink-smudged, junk wax card.
It's a beauty.
What is it about cards like this that makes them so cool.

A sampling of random Angels.

A sampling of horizontal cards.
These scan better separately from the vert cards.
Makes for a nice even box.
I really like the 2003 Upper Deck Twenty-Five Salute Troy Glaus.

The 1986 is from Topps Traded.
I would think that this would be a harder one to come by.

And a glorious 1984 Topps sweepstakes card.
I had opened 2 wax boxes of 1984 Topps back in the day, to work on the complete set.
And promptly threw out all the sweepstakes cards.
Took a long time to get these all back.

Good stuff Super Trader Wes, thank you.


  1. Glad you enjoyed them Tom! Best wishes my friend!


  2. thoughtful batch of cards from super dude Wes!

  3. Looks like they used that Witt to clear off the paint rollers in the printing press.