Saturday, February 6, 2016

Patriots Mail Day Autographs - Chris Slade

Chris Slade (Patriots 1993-2000)
Named to the New England Patriots All-1990s Team.
Chris signed these cards in 35 days sent to his home in Smyrna, GA.


  1. Another blast from the past. Love these posts, He had a few great years. He's a guy that would excell in today's game

  2. I think I pulled a Chris Slade certified autograph just over 20 years ago from one of those Pro Line packs.

  3. I sent Slade a TTM while he was still active with the Pats. I remember being confused when he returned a half dozen signed cards instead of the one I sent. Always wondered if he had a stack of his cards he just stuffed into envelopes, or if there was some other mix-up.