Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My (Meager) First Contribution To The Super Traders

Picked up this 2013 Bowman Value Pack at Toy's R Us the other day with the idea of ripping it for Super Traders. Nothing fancy I know, but given my current circumstances this is the best I can do right now. Hopefully in the coming year I can rip a real box. 
Anyhow, Super Traders is all for fun and in no way a competition right?  Right.

So on the heals of Play at the Plates Super Traders Box Break let's dig in.

(I'm technologically challenged, so no video just scans)

Base Cards

Bowman Prospects

Bowman Chrome Prospects

Prospect Challenge Card
Probably not worth randomizing but if more than one of the 4 teams pictured actually want this maybe we will.

Bowman Gold

Bowman Purple Prospects

Now the real hits:

Mikeson Oliberto Bowman Blue 431/500

Dane Phillips Bowman Prospects Autographs BPA-DP

Not bad pulling a certified autograph from the last $4.99 discount pack at my local TRU.
This one goes to The Underdog Card Collector, Zach Malone.

I'll put these aside in my "Super Traders" sort box until I get a team bug full to mail.

And I thinks it's important to reiterate (like Wes and Brian have already done) that I will still be trading with others who aren't on the Super Traders list.

Well that was fun.