Saturday, March 26, 2016

Off Hiatus #Supertrader Trade

Big bag of Angels from #Supertrader Tony.
Here is every card.

1993 Spectrum Nolan Ryan #3 and #4
These are the only cards I have from this 10 card limited edition set.
Is is safe to assume these are the only 2 that show Ryan in an Angels uniform?
Tony sent 2 of each making it easier to show both the front and the back.
Since I'm a Ryan collector, I'll have to keep my eye out for the complete set as well.
Apparently there is also a "Promotional" version of each card.
Very cool.

2009 O-Pee-Chee
Gotta get on the black border version of this team set as well.
Love the Napoli card, nice addition to the PC.

2014 Donruss
Complete Series 1 Team Set?

Even better!

1999 Pacific Invincible Mo Vaughn
Okay these are both Seismic Force #1 what gives?

1999 Pacific Invincible Mo Vaughn
AGAIN! Both numbered Sandlot Heroes #1
How do know you have all the cards then?
So you have a #1 and you think you're done.
But Nooooooooo....

1992 Kelloggs #4 Rod Carew
Phew, I know for fact there's only 1 of these.

Random Assortment
The 1992 Score Dave Winfield does not seem familiar to me.

2015 Panini Contenders #14 Taylor Ward, #32 Grayson Long
Two young draftees in the Angels system.
The Panini collegiate sets are growing on me.

2012 Topps Mini
Not a team set, but getting me closer to it.

Nine-Carder of Jean Segura
I have to assume Tony started a Segura PC when he was traded to his Brewers.
These are either extras, or he's just not that into him anymore.

Great cards #Supertrader Tony, thanks!


  1. I think I saw one of those Spectrum cards with promotional/sample lettering on the back. Optimistic of an off-brand to ensure the real thing is separated from the promo run.

  2. Great bunch of Angels. Tony hooked you up

  3. So, yes, the Ryan cards were the only ones to show him on the Angels. I should have just sent you one entire set. My apologies for that.

    The 2014 Donruss should be a complete team set, since I broke up a complete set for them. Notice there are two Trouts out of the nine total cards. That real sense as far as I can tell.

    Finally, Segura...yeah, I started a "collect everything" PC for him when I first got back into blogging. Then, I pared it back to a "only on the Brewers PC", then I dumped him entirely on his trade to the Diamondbacks. So, those Angels were entirely superfluous to my collection, so I'm hopeful you can use them.