Monday, March 7, 2016

Package Part 2 From #Supertrader Hoyle

Got a nice package from Mark Hoyle, always generous with cards for my collection.  Mark knows what I like and didn't disappoint.  He hit three of my "likes" categories so I figured I'd break this down into three posts.

Part 2 Checklists

Vintage is always good: 1971 #123, 1972 #103, 1974 #126, and 1974 NNO.

Vintage is best, but there's lots to like in checklists from the 80's-90's.

Leaf checklists with the thumbnail photo and the card number on the FRONT are some of my all-time favorites.

There were even some perfectly miscut football and hockey issues.

Again, good stuff.
Part 3 - Sweepstakes, Scratchers, and Inserts is next.