Thursday, March 10, 2016

Checkin It Off - 1991 Leaf Baseball

1991 Leaf Baseball has a 6-card checklist set, to cover the 528-card base set and the 26-card BC Gold Rookies insert set.
(There were an additional 12 Gold Rookies numbered BC-265 thru 276 that are not on any checklist)
I love the Leaf checklist cards because the fronts of the cards include a photo thumbnail and card number, leading you to think it's actually the back of the card.

The photos included a nice selection of some popular players.
Good additions to your player collection.
1991 Leaf did not have an update set so there is no update checklist to try to obtain.

Thanks to Mark Hoyle for helping me complete this set.


  1. I broke so much of this product trying to build the Gold Rookies set. 25 years later this set still haunts me.

    1. I hear you Man. That was way before COMC and Sportlots.