Thursday, March 24, 2016

Play At The Plate #Supertrader Trade

1998 Topps Gold Label #71 Class 1 Tim Salmon
Absolutely beautiful card set.
And one that I could never afford back in the 90's

1996 SP Special FX #42 Tim Salmon
I so happy this scanned well.

1996 Circa #22 Tim Salmon
Circa was always a mind-trip for me...too much going on.
But I do like the Angels logo in the background.

2000 Topps Tek #8-2 Mo Vaughn
Again can't figure out the numbering system on these.
And have boxes of these suddenly been discounted because this is like the third Tek card I've received this year after rarely receiving them in years past.

1999 Skybox E-X Century #101 Troy Glaus
Another really nice (and expensive) premium set from the 90's
Can't imagine what it would have been like ripping a box of these.

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Americas Pastime AP-KM Kendrys Morales
Super cool autograph from before the name change.
Glad to see him still powering the as a World Champ with the Royals.

1986 Fleer Future Hall of Famer #4 Rod Carew and #6 Reggie Jackson
The two Angels in this 6-card set found randomly inserted into Fleer rack packs.
Now I have the team set...sweet.

2013 Topps Mini
The Pujols is also a Series 1 checklist.

Good cards #Supertrader Brian, thanks!


  1. I busted lots of that high end stuff in my dark days. Glad they are in the right home now.

  2. Ya know what I hate about reading blogs?? Finding new cards I have to get for my bunting binder. Dammit.

    And Circa reminds me of 95 Fleer, just....better, somehow. Must have been all that red string licorice I ate.

  3. I've been going crazy lately with sets like Circa and EX. Love them!

    Great stuff from Brian.