Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Community Gum Documentary

Jon busted a case, CASE, of 2008 Upper Deck Documentary. You know it, only 4,890 cards IN THE SET! Jon put a call out for traders, and since I needed most of the 163 cards just for the Angels TEAM SET, I took him up on the offer

In there are a 100+ cards I needed towards the team set.
No dupes in there, so it gives you an idea of how big that 163-card team set is.
And that's just the base set.

Jon also included 17 Gold Parallel versions of the 163 card team set that I needed.
See how impossible it is to complete this?
I don't even list the gold version on my wantlist, it's so ridiculously out of reach.

And he included the Bobby Wilson Season Signatures autograph card.

Man this was huge Jon.
I now only have a manageable 32 cards left to get for the team set.
Thank you.


  1. Jon helped me to with my Indians team set of Documentary cards. Do you have your wantlist of Angels from Documentary updated? I will look over your list and see if I can help you out. Do you have any Documentary cards to trade? From the help from Jon, I am down to 5 cards for my Indians team set.

  2. That was one set I had to put the breaks on for my Griffey collection. There are like 35 Griffey cards in that set and there isn't much difference so I decided to not chase them all, same with High Tek and Moments & Milestones. These types of sets can drive a collector crazy.

  3. I've always wondered about this set. It does sound like quite the monster!

  4. Just curious if the photograph matched the game on the card. If so... that's kinda cool. Sort of a Topps Now predecessor.