Monday, November 20, 2017

A Timeline of Cardboard Collections

I reached out to Colbey to let him know that I pulled a bunch of 2008 Upper Deck Timeline that he needed (I too am trying to finish that set), and he responded happily and offered to send stuff back (I love it when it works that way).

He had two cards in his "For Trade" list that I knew I needed:
2012 A&G Mini Mike Napoli SP

2010 Upper Deck Season Biography SB-145 

So we set the trade up around those, the rest would be Angels "extras".

But they turned out to be real good extras.
Here's a few I picked out.

Trout is everywhere now, it's hard to keep up, so I'm very happy to get these inserts.

2017 Donruss All-Stars AS-10, #690/999

2010 Turkey Red TR3 and TR39

2004 Fleer Platinum Foil #158, 015/100

1999 Pacific Private Stock
I kinda miss the gaudy eyesore that was Pacific Trading Cards.

2015 Gypsy Queen Framed White #63
Now this is interesting since I've never seen a miscut framed card.
Pretty cool.

I'm happy with all the cards Colbey, thanks.


  1. Damn... both of those Turkey Reds are gorgeous.

  2. That Turkey Red Guerrero is a classic. 100% effort into a posed shot.