Sunday, November 12, 2017

First (And Probably Only) Packs Of Update

I actually bought two packs of update, one was meh, as I expected it would be, and the other was decent. Below are the contents of the other.

oooh, bad scanner alignment job there on the base cards.
I lean towards buying update more than the series 1-2 cards because of the rookie cards.
I guess the big one to pull this year would be Aaron Judge right?

The inserts in this pack were pretty good, at least fact that there WERE inserts in this pack.
I've begun to rely on pulling at least one insert per pack, I feel Topps owes me that.

Rainbow Foil

1987 30th Anniversary

Rediscover Topps Silver

And there's that Aaron Judge rookie, albeit the All Star Game version.

I guess that counts right?

13 cards in a 12 card pack isn't bad.

I always judge (no pun intended) a pack by how many Angels I pull out of it.
This one rates an F.

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