Sunday, June 7, 2020

No Hands In Pockets

Actually it was more like "Get your hands out of your pockets maggot!" When I was in basic training, one of the first things they teach you is that your hands should never be in your pockets. I guess because it might suggest laziness, or idleness, which does not, in any form, exist in the military. In their minds, there's always something that needs to be done, and you should be doing it.

Julie had her second or third Pick Pockets last month, and I was able to get a few cards for my collections, she also threw in a bunch more. So many more that they came in two thick envelopes.
These are the cards I selected from the Pick Pockets pages. I especially like the 1984 Cramer "Bubby" (its actually supposed to be Bobby, maybe Bubby was a nickname?) Cuellar minor league card. The Gulls were an Angels affiliate from 1971 through 1981, then the Mariners. After the '84 season they moved and became the Calgary Cannons.

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps Promo Cards
Needed a few of these for the set.

1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack Scratch-Off Game Cards
This is great because it gets me with one card of completing this insert set. Just need the Astros card.

Julie also sent a large chunk of the 2010 Topps Town set. Though not officially on my want list, this is certainly a nice start to completing this set.

Thanks for the great cards, and for the Pick Pockets!


  1. Julie's awesome. And so are the cards she sent, great pickups!

  2. That Salmon insert is spectacular!

  3. Might be able to help you finish that ToppsTown set

  4. Had no idea Upper Deck had their own version of Scratch-offs. I've gotta find the A's and Padres cards from that set.

  5. Oh I wonder where that Astros card went...whistling cheerfully as I walk innocently away with hands clasped behind my back.

  6. If his nickname wasn't "Bubby", I'm willing to bet that old Bobby there got some razzing over his card.