Friday, June 5, 2020

Wax Pack Wonderful

I received a very nice, in fact wonderful, trade package from Wax Pack Wonders. The second such trade package from him this year already. It's been an exciting year for trading, but challenging as well trying to keep up with all the packages and PWEs that have been moving. Fortunatley I keep a list of what's come in and what's gone out, so that I'm sure to at least send a return to every trade I get in. I'm about 5 trades behind, but expect to narrow the gap soon.

These are the cards that I found in this oversized package. I had kinda forgotten that he was sending me something that would require oversized packaging, and was very excited when I saw what it was. You'll see a but further down the post.
All new cards for the PCs, no dupes here. Very refreshing to get 9 cards to add to the HAVE list.

1989 Topps SPBA
Two former Angels and a sweet checklist. Perusing the checklist I see many other former Angels. Hmmmm might be interested in collecting a subset of Former Angels from this set.

Two more Fleer Baseball Stickers for immense master set. I never should have starting inputting these into TCDB, because I then realized that there are about a zillion variations MORE that those I had already known about.

Tons of Angels of course.

And the reason the package was oversixed:

1983 Topps Sticker Album, Reggie Jackson
I had only recently put this on my Magazines Wantlist, and bam! Jeff sends me one. I'm still working on the 1982 Fleer Baseball Sticker Album, but now I'm seriously considering trying to fill this one as well.
Here's the Angels page. I'm guessing that's Nolan Ryan over the enclosed Anaheim Stadium. Reminds me of the old Kenner Stadium Stars. Might be tough to decide if I want to cover up this sweet picture with stickers or not. If it is Ryan, he hadn't been with the Angels since they granted him free agency in November 1979. 

And a whole lotta Vladdies. I think I prefer him in an Expos uniform over an Angels uniform.

Very happy with the trade Jeff, Thanks.


  1. Glad you liked them. And that John Harris Donruss card is #444! Oh and I'd be glad to send the other old timer Angels, gratis. Just send me your list. I got the complete set super cheap and broke it up.

  2. That 1983 sticker album is fantastic.

  3. I hadn't noticed that you collect John Olerud? I think that I might actually have a few interesting cards of his just laying around, I guess I now know who to send them to if/when I come across them :)