Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Don't Say My Name

My middle name is Herbert. When you stop laughing, I'll tell you that I really never liked it either, at least not when I was young. I was named after my uncle, who was a totally cool man, so that kinda makes it a little better, and after my older cousin, who went on to be a submariner in the Navy...even cooler. Still though. Not many friends knew it when I was a kid, I kept it secret to avoid being laughed at, and my best buddy's middle name isn't much better, so we had that in common. I've learned to embrace it, be proud of it, proud of my family lineage. That probably came with age.

TCDB #129 sandyrusty

Joe Oden Rudi and Wallace Keith Joyner

New card #444.
I was wondering to myself why he went by Jerry Don and not just Jerry, then I saw that he was born in Texas and I knew.

TCDB #130 BubbaV304

2005 Fleer Tradition. 
Why no "Tradition" on the card? Regardless, I love this set, such a simple design.

And a near complete team set of 2001 Topps Home Team Advantage parallels.


  1. I know a few "Herbs". Which I am sure is short for Herbert. I typed it, didn't say it. In the South East, if your middle name is being used along with your first name, it is usually by your mother and you are in big trouble. LOL.

  2. I have always kept my middle name a secret, although I'm sure (like everything) it can be found on the internet. My uncle (dad's younger brother) and I share the same middle name.
    I don't recall knowing or meeting anyone named Herbert. It must not have been a common name in Kansas 60+ years ago.

  3. Nice OPC Rudi! ... I also have a comparably odd middle name. I may have mentioned it on my blog before. It was also my dad's middle name, but I don't know if goes back farther than that.

  4. I have two middle names. It wasn't very unusual to do so when I was younger, as I remember a lot of kids that I went to school with did as well, but these days I always get people acting like they've never heard of someone with two middle names before; like I'm some kind of freak anomaly or something. In an attempt to avoid people's reaction to my having two middle names, the older I get the more often I just use one of the two on forms and such.