Friday, September 8, 2023

Off Again, On Again

I have slowed waaaaay down on TCDB, had to put a pause on accepting new trade proposals because I had to get the incoming stack sorted and put in binders (which I still haven't finished). In fact, these last two trades before the pause had arrived several weeks ago, I just haven't had the chance to scan them until now. Anyhow, I'm now back on for trades. 

TCDB #126 frankgifford

If Angels/Cycle Hitters would have come up prior to receiving this card, I never would have guessed Dave Winfield. But, apparently, he (at the time) was the oldest to ever hit for one. COMPLETELY forgot about that.

PC cards

I was never impressed when Ultra ditched the actual Gold Medalion and went for these gold cards instead. I always enjoyed looking for the little round medallion.

Another card #444

More 1989 Upper Deck for the set build. The Doug Sisk photo is fantastic.

TCDB #127 uncfan505

Is there something in that cool Reid Detmers design that I'm not seeing, other than hockey sticks?


  1. Detmers is a parallel. In 2 weeks you're gonna see a few 444's on my blog.

  2. Winfield wins it, with Rudi a respectable second.
    I don't know what's going on with the Detmers. Maybe the legs of a very large arachnid?

  3. Trippy Detmers - looks like a 'Groove' parallel - check the back of the card if that is what it says.

  4. Looks like Dave is still the oldest to hit for the cycle.

  5. Wasn't familiar with Winfield's cycle... but thankfully it's on YouTube. Looks like he went 5 for 5 that day. Not bad for a 39 year old.