Thursday, November 17, 2011

Completed Team Set 1973 Topps

Recently completed this 1973 Topps Angels team set. The team consists of 26 cards plus one leaders card featuring Nolan Ryan and Steve Carlton.

Autographed cards I have: Steve Barber, Jeff Torborg, Lloyd Allen, Mike Strahler, Bob Oliver, Billy Grabarkewitz, Jack Hiatt, Bobby Winkles, Ken Berry, and Mickey Rivers.

Players in non-Angels uniforms: Frank Robinson and Mike Strahler - Dodgers
Players in airbrushed uniforms: Jack Hiatt, Bill Singer.
Pitchers - 10, Catchers - 2, Position Players - 13

And my favorite card:

No explanation needed.

Thanks again Number 5 Type Collection for helping to complete this team set.

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