Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sometimes You Forget...

All the players that have appeared in your teams uniform.

Like Jose Canseco as an Angel on this 2001 Fleer Platinum.

Jose Canseco was signed by the Angels as a free agent on January 16, 2001. He was released by the Angels on March 28, 2001. He was an Angel for about 2 months during Spring Training and never played in a regular season game with them. What were the Angels thinking?

Apparently they weren't. Canseco failed to hit a home run in 39 at-bats that Spring. Based on that, the Angels released him.

Canseco said he was "stunned" by the release.

The White Sox took a gamble on him in June and he hit 16 HR in 76 games. Enough to stick around? Nope. He was out of the Majors after being granted free agency that November.


  1. So, so weird that you bring this up. I used to fly between LA and SF ever couple months for business, and one day I remember getting on a plane, and reading about Angels signing him and thinking what a crazy idea.
    Sure enough, a year (or two?) later, I'm getting on another flight and grabbed the paper only to read that the Expos had signed him. I don't think he ever played for Montreal, either, did he?
    Geez, I had forgotten how ugly that uniform was! I do not miss those...

  2. Yes, same thing happened in Toronto.

    An even worse uniform was this one


  3. Canseco makes that uniform look even worse.