Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Patriots Autograph of the Month - Larry Garron

I used to collect football autographs, but barely. I mostly focused on the Patriots, my favorite team, but barely at that as well.

I have but only a handful of football autographs left, I've traded away most of them. Of the Patriots, I have maybe a few more than a dozen.

Thought I'd show some of them on a monthly basis.

First up is Larry Garron.

The old Patriots logo and uniform are my favorites, although the current logo is pretty awesome as well. Larry looks sharp on this 1969 Topps #141 that he signed TTM for me back in 2005.

Garron played his entire career with the Boston Patriots from 1960 thru 1968.

In a game against the Buffalo Bills on October 22, 1961 he had an 85 yard run from scrimmage, setting a team record (I'll have to verify if that still stands).  In 1962 we averaged 5.9 yards per carry.  In 1963 he had 1,168 total yards from scrimmage. Dude was a workhorse.  Garron was also an American Football League All-Star in 1961, 1963, 1964 and 1967, and a member of the Patriots' All-1960s (AFL) Team.

After football he became a martial arts expert. He holds rank in Kenpō (fist law), Hakkō-ryū Jujutsu, Gōjū-ryū (hard soft system), Shintō Musō-ryū, Yoshitsune Jujitsu, and Taekwondo (don't ask me what those mean).

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