Monday, November 21, 2011

A Flyby At The Local Antique Mall

Ran into my local antique mall, hit the spots that I knew usually had toys and collectables, and found several packs of 1984 Topps Photo Rub-Downs.

Grabbed 3 at a buck a piece, took them home and ripped them open.

Angels in the set are  Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, Fred Lynn, Bobby Grich, and Tommy John.

Here's the back of the package just for grins.

Pack 1
Pack 2
Pack 3
No ANGELS!  Blast!
I dig the instruction card.  This one goes in my Special Offer card binder.
The back is a checklist card for all the dudes that have a rub-down.

I'd be willing to trade if anyone has a sheet with an Angel on it.

I also picked up a small baggie full of 1990 Starline, Long John Silver's cards.  There were 18 cards in the baggie, but I wasn't able to open it to see what was inside so I took a gamble that there would be a card I'd want.  There wasn't.  But it was only a buck.

 Turned out to be these 8 different cards, the rest were all dupes.  These are for trade.


  1. I've never seen those rub downs before...that did NOT sound right. Anyway, they are some nice oddball items.

  2. If you want to put that Smoltz aside for our next trade, that would be cool.