Monday, November 28, 2011

Oscar Sent Me Salmon, Many Salmon

I saw a couple of Angels trade bait posts on All Trade Bait, All The Time so I contacted Oscar. I was interested in the Salmon he has showing and any Trumbos he might have.

He was quick to reply that he would gladly send me his Salmon, Trumbo, and a nice little stack of other Angels.

When I got the package today I was so excited about the Salmon he sent that I had to show them off right quick.

1995 Pacific Prisms #21. What a bitchen card! This from 1995 beats out most refractors I've seen.

1997 Pacific Prisms #5. You know, I've overlooked Pacific for a long time. I always thought of them as "those Spanish cards." But Man am I wrong. These are some of the sweetest cards and most unique and appealing cards from the overproduced 90's. Please accept my appologies.

1994 Flair Outfield Power #9 of 10.  A well done combo picture card but I would have switched the photos and put hitting on top with the catching underneath.

1994 Ted Williams #158 Dawning Legacy.  One of my favorite all-time sets Ted Williams.

1995 Fleer Ultra National Packtime #8.  Never saw this card before but I've gotten two in the last 10 days.

1996 Topps Laser #110.

1994 Score #539.
The other Angels and the Trumbo are pretty sweet too.

Thanks Oscar. I'll get your Dodgers in the mail.


  1. you're welcome, brother. thanks for the trade. i'll remember to keep my eye open for trumbo for you. i totally agree with what you say about those pacifics. they're very cool, but i never had the luck to pull dodgers back in the day.
    you're about the third blogger to mention never seeing national packtime before. i must be the only guy to ever have bought it.

  2. I love salmon, especially grilled on a cedar plank. I like '94 Flair too. Nice pick ups for the collection.