Sunday, August 19, 2012

CJ Wilson SI For Kids Card

I was going through some Sports Illustrated magazines at my local Half Priced Books and came across an SI For Kids. I know that SI For Kids still has a sheet of sports cards inside, so I checked it out.

I was pleased to see an Angel in there, CJ Wilson at the top middle spot, so I grabbed it for a buck-fifty.
I have a bunch of these from the late 80's when SI For Kids first came out.

There he his, high leg kick and all.

Card number 155.
Does that numbering system start over each year?
Interesting that the card itself doesn't have the year marked on it.

I like to keep these as a sheet, so into a page protector he goes.


  1. If you decide to split them up at some point, I'd like to have that Goucher. :)

  2. I'm not sure the reasoning behind it, but this particular run of SI for Kids cards started the numbering over in 2011. Since I was traveling a lot the last few years for work, I found I could get subscriptions to SI for Kids with SkyMiles (which is nice since I don't travel enough for them to mean ANYTHING as far as free or reduced price airline tickets).