Thursday, August 23, 2012

Did You See It?

Did you see the latest issue of Sports Illustrated?

I've been hoping for this.
Screw the jinx, this guys for real.
There I said it.

I was so excited, I told my wife to not touch it.
Its going straight into a Ziploc.

I'll buy a second hand copy at Half Price Books in a couple weeks to actually read the article.
I dont want any fingerprints on it.
I'm obsessive compulsive.


  1. It hit me, I just have to have a copy of that issue and I feel the exact same way about taking care of that thing [once I get it in-hand].

    I might not find it, living in Orange County - though I did pick up a licensed 8x10 photo of his catch.

  2. I don't like the Angels, but I can appreciate an amazing talent when I see it. I'm just glad it's not Harper or Strasburg.