Friday, February 22, 2013

It May Have Been Difficult For Nomo

Received a PWE trade package from Nomo with a handful of Angels goodies inside.
But I was surprised to see this card in there as well:

It's a card I needed for the 2008 Upper Deck Timeline set, but since Nomo is a Dodgers and a Clayton Kershaw collector, and especially since it's his rookie card I thought it must have been hard to give this one up.  Even though it might be a dupe for him, I would find it hard to give up a duplicate Trout card for example.
I'm glad he did though and I appreciate it.
I'm pecking away at that set one card at a time.

Along with several other Angels was this Troy Glaus card that I had a hard time trying to figure out.
I know it's a 2004 Fleer, but is it a Draft Edition?  Draft Rewind?  To add to the confusion it's numbered 9 of 30 DW, not DE, or DR.  So what does DW represent?

Oh, and to show how thankful I am to get these cards, this is what the envelope looked like when I pulled it out of my mail box.  Dodged a bullet there.

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  1. We got lucky with this mailing. PWE run that slight risk. The Kershaw rookie is one of several that I have. I was actually glad that I could send one to a collector that is chasing the set.