Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Junior Has Me Seeing Greene

Todd Greene.

Included in those bricks of Angels cards from The Junior Junkie was a nice short stack of Todd Greene cards (I'm an unofficially a Todd Greene collector too).

My favorite in the lot is this 1996 Collectors Choice Rookie Class.
The flag background along with the Angels uniform just screams Patriotic!
Therefore Todd must be and I like that.

Todd played in the Arizona Fall League as indicated on these 1996 Collectors Choice cards.
He was nice enough to add his silver signature to the second card.
Is that background supposed to represent Arizona,
all cracked and dried up?

Looks like Todd played for the Rafters in the Fall League.  Must be a lot of building contractors sponsoring teams out there in Arizona (I know it's really the Rapters folks).

Greene glorious Greene.


  1. This guy's prospects were huge back in the day. I remember pulling those UD3 cards and thinking, "Man, I hope this guy pans out," the way I do whenever I pull a sweet-looking rookie or 2nd year card.

    Glad you like him - I had tons of his stuff in there!

  2. It actually is the Rafters. They were the Tempe Rafters at the time. They're the Salt river Rafters now, and I think they were the Grand Canyon Rafters at some point.

    1. Ah, nice call Jeff. I assumed it was the Ogden Raptors (I just noticed the "o" in Raptors). Duh.

  3. I remember Greene coming up through the 1996 season since he was putting up some monster numbers in the minors - would have loved to have seen him develop but the guy was 25 already when he came up and injuries dogged him through his career.

    I think the last time I got his autograph was when he was working as a coach for the Tampa Bay Rays.