Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let Your Brain Eat Some More Angels

When you're at the dessert bar in a restraunt, a little bit of everything is much better than a whole lot of the same thing.  Such is the case here where some fine Angels cards sent to me from the baseball card bar at Sportscards Ate My Brain.

Let's see what a little bit of everything looks like, shall we?

1. Certified Autograph

2004 Topps Autograph Casey Kotchman TA-CK
The colors on this card are vibrant and Kotchman really stands out. I can do without the futuristic design, but the lighter ghosty area for the autograph works well.  Much better than a blank rectangle.

2. Numbered Inserts

2005 Donruss Playoff.
Never seen these before until I found them on the SCAMB trade list.
Crazy numbering system I assume has something to do with playing the game, but numbered none-the-less.
And check out the backs:

That's old-school Man, I love it.
I think it's the Polo Grounds.

 3. Jersey Swatch
2003 Topps 205 Garret Anderson Mini Jersey RelicTR-GA
There's that red uniform/blue background combination that I like so much on Angels cards.
And whoever came up with the minis floating inside a bigger framed card is a genius.
That stripe is perfectly centered isn't it?

4. Bat Relic
2001 Upper Deck Don Baylor Heroes of Baseball Bat Relic B-DB
The tongue-shaped bat shaving is interesting.  Don's not a tongue wagger like Michael Jordan.
Or is it a fingernail shaped piece?
A happy face?
The polls are open.

5.  Short Prints
Two SPs from 2007 and one from 2010 Topps Heritage.
Man all the SPs are hard to keep track of these days.

So there you have it, a little taste of everything from the dessert bar.

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